Full support in implementing energy efficiency solutions


Independent diagnosis

  • On-site collection of data, perception of uses, identification of areas for improvement, within the framework of RGE certified expertise
  • Experience of standardized multi-site studies thanks to the Clever Energies audit software
  • Prioritization of sources of energy savings according to the economic relevance and the sensitivity of the occupants
  • Competition between suppliers : propose the best model for each use
  • Solicitation of local installers or partners : field knowledge and experience rewarded

Summary Draft

  • An energy, economic, technological, normative, financial and operational truth, tailored to your needs : our APS, delivered without invoicing, built with you, is the commitment of Clever Energies, and an impartial decision-making tool
  • Presentation of expected savings, Return on Investment Time, amount provided-installed, CEE premiums or third-party financing, work schedule, and guarantees and services after acceptance : obligation to provide advice !

Steering of the works

  • Coordination of orders, deliveries, stakeholders
  • Drafting and compliance with the Prevention Plan
  • Monitoring of installation and commissioning
  • Waste management
  • Technical acceptance – Measurement of real savings on request
  • Assistance with the application of the manufacturer’s warranty and labor
  • Follow-up and optimization of uses after acceptance

A single point of contact for your energy efficiency project

On-site audit

Identification of priority sources of energy savings, inventory of energy-intensive equipment, recovery of constituent elements (invoices energetics, planes, volumes).

LED, HVAC, GTB & EnR energy optimization study

Technical studies – lighting, thermal simulation... - for tailor-made sizing. Taking into account the CSR objectives of the client, and the planned evolutions of the site.

Budget proposal

Estimation of energy savings, cost and schedule of work, possible bonuses or subsidies, optional third-party financing facilities and Return on Investment Time.


Commitment by signing the final quotes after consultation with suppliers and installers. Optional signature of a third-party financing partner contract.

Solution deployment

Management of works and implementation of solutions.

Acceptance of the project

Acceptance of works, transmission of good practices.

Suivi après recette

Post-recipe follow-up

Support for optimizing the use of solutions, changing scope, the transformation of new sources of energy savings.

New project ?

Third-party financing: more cash, less CO2

Are you more OPEX than CAPEX? Are you looking not only for a financing solution, but also for support in the operational implementation of your energy infrastructure?

Clever Energies assists you with a third-party financing partner contract, to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve your cash flow – quite simply.

Energy Savings Certificates

Since 2005, the Energy Savings Certificates system has required energy suppliers to make energy savings, measured in discounted cumulative kWh of final energy saved, over a multi-year period. These suppliers are encouraged to promote to their customers – individuals, local authorities and companies – operations to reduce their energy consumption, giving rise to the right to ESCs. The technical and administrative definition of favored energy renovation operations is regularly updated by decree; the valuation of the price of the CEE premiums is subject to the law of supply and demand. It is in this double uncertainty that Clever Energies support you in all serenity to make you benefit from its technical and administrative engineering, and to obtain from its partners the best valuation in CEE bonuses of your energy saving deposits.

Aid and subsidies for the ecological transition

Clever Energies is actively monitoring regulatory changes, to have your projects supported by the most suitable operators.

100% secure projects


All of the services are guaranteed by ten-year civil liability insurance – advice and works.


Verification of the financial solidity of suppliers – local representation – recommendation on audit of the industrial manufacturing process - Preference given to products with the lowest carbon footprint - Choice of the least energy-consuming technologies.


Priority to local stakeholders to reduce the carbon footprint linked to travel - Request for warranty extensions - Systematic pre-project visit to the site - Signing of binding specifications - Treatment of waste on site according to the rules of the art (packaging of new products, recycling of old technologies, recycling of refrigerant gas fluids, etc.).