Clever Energies is an independent French consulting and project management assistance company in energy efficiency.

Created in 2011 in Reims, Clever Energies supports companies and organizations in the energy renovation of their buildings, everywhere in France, even in Europe.

Faced with emergency and the knowledge, resources and investments needed to respond investments required to respond to it, Clever Energies was the desire to remove these obstacles to the ecological transition and to make energy and to make energy renovation a lever of immediate financial benefit, by supporting financial benefits, by supporting companies during all phases of the during all phases of the project.

Clever Energies provides companies with the skills technical, regulatory, financial and work management of its fifteen experts based throughout France, to provide France, to provide and implement solutions to the right answer. ingenious to their energy efficiency issues – in lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building and utilities management and renewable energy.

In return, service companies, industries and local authorities benefit from rapid and significant financial gains, proven energy savings, improved user comfort and safety, and compliance with the environmental standards specific to their activity – all the while being able to rely on Clever Energies’ independent advice and follow-up long after the recommended solutions have been deployed and put into service.

Clever Energies has chosen a demanding neutrality towards manufacturers, after tests, factory audits and competition, to recommend the most relevant validated solutions for each use and thus share the maximum value with its customers. Depending on the areas of expertise, Clever Energies can consult customers’ installers, but also solicit those from its own network of trained and experienced partners. The search for and obtaining the most advantageous bonuses and subsidies, or the most suitable third-party financing is also included in the support of Clever Energies.

It’s this engineering and this know-how, reinforced by the experience of over 600 projects, which Clever Energies shares with benevolenceAfter an onsite study allowing a customized sizing, during the restitution of a non invoiced Summary Preliminary Project, presenting the Return on Investment Time of the solution provided, installed, subsidized and guaranteed, with a deployment schedule, allowing a quick and informed decision. Clever Energies is committed to its customers and ensures the quality of its advice as well as the management of the work, before and after acceptance, with a ten-year civil liability.

How can we help you today to concretize your sources of energy savings?

How to do better, by spending less, now and for a long time?

BPI FRANCE - The Excellence Club

The Club Excellence is a private business club reserved for 2,000 members, exceptional executives who are customers of the Bpifrance network.

Clever Energies is honored to be part of this business network for another year! We're very proud to be one of the selected members.


Certified engineering skills

The RGE ("Recognized Guarantor of the Environment") mention for studies is a guarantee of quality and know-how, supported by ADEME, public authorities and qualification and certification bodies since 2011.

It recognizes the skills of professionals providing engineering services for the energy performance of buildings and renewable energy installations.

Since January 1, 2015, the majority of aid granted by ADEME concerning construction and renewable energies has also been eco-conditioned. That is to say that the professionals carrying out the necessary studies must be RGE Études.

Clever Energies is certified:
✔︎ RGE Lighting study (1407)
✔︎ RGE Energy Audit (1905)

Methodology in measurement and certified verification

Clever Energies is proud to have CMVP engineers among its teams. The CMVP (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional) designation is the most recognized certification in measurement and verification , which is the process of planning, measuring, collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of verifying and reporting energy savings.

Awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and implemented by the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), CMVP certification incorporates the methodology of the International Energy Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP® (IPMVP)) and provides a verifiable proof of effectiveness of an organization or the energy management of a building.

The purpose of the CMVP certification is to certify that the person has the necessary knowledge and experience as well as knowledge of the IPMVP protocols. This ensures the quality of measurements and analyzes as well as ethics .

Regulatory compliance and safety certified

Avetta helps corporate customers assess and mitigate risk by managing the supplier pre-qualification process.
Avetta's ongoing certification ensures compliance with all legislation, including health, safety and environmental regulations, and ensures the availability of adequate coverage, documented procedures and qualified professionals.

The Avetta certification carried by Clever Energies facilitates the evaluation process as a supplier to large groups and allows purchasing departments to entrust Clever Energies with the management of energy efficiency operations with complete peace of mind.

Act For Environment, our commitments for the climate

Clever Energies has obtained the AFE label delivered by Agence France Électricité. This label highlights companies that are committed to the climate and take into account the environmental objectives of the Paris Agreement.


Clever Energies has chosen to ensure not only the energy efficiency works that it pilots on behalf of its customers, but also, in order to guarantee the impartiality and the durability of its recommendations, to ensure the advice delivered upstream Works.

Thus, from the audit of consumption points to identify sources of savings, through advice on regulatory obligations and existing aid, technical studies of a replacement solution, financial and time studies return on investment, the production of installation estimates by partners or via the customer’s installer, up to the coordination of the site between the various stakeholders, it is The entire project management assistance service specialized in energy efficiency, which is covered by a ten-year insurance policy and which allows Clever Energies to commit itself with confidence to the realization of energy saving opportunities.

Clever Energies’ services as a design office, energy renovation consultant and technical project manager are guaranteed by a Ten-Year Civil Liability insurance policy covering all of its activities in the context of a project up to project up to 10 MEUR per claim.

Insurer AXA-n°11066488604.

The trading services are also covered by a Civil Liability insurance up to 10 MEUR per claim.

Insurer AXA-n°11031162904.