Together, we can make your energy efficiency projects a reality!

Rely on an independent expert
to accelerate the energy transition
of your commercial buildings and industrial sites.

The energy transition in action!

Clever Energies advises and supports companies in their energy optimization, independently of manufacturers and installers.

Clever Energies shares its specialized expertise in LED, HVAC, GTB and EnR project management and brings long-term financial, operational and regulatory gains.


As an energy efficiency project management assistant, Clever Energies supports its customers from the initial on-site audit, through impartial selection of solutions and contractors, to construction management and post-acceptance monitoring, to accelerate the energy transition by securing all project components, upstream and downstream.


4 areas of expertise – LED, HVAC, GTB and EnR – at the service of manufacturers, tertiary companies – owners and occupants – and communities, to trigger a significant reduction in energy consumption, rapid returns on investment with quality solutions sustainable, in accordance with CSR objectives and regulatory issues.


Clever Energies coordinates with its partners the facilities best suited to your financial strategy: CAPEX or OPEX, CEE premiums or third-party financing, for a minimum Return on Investment Time and an overall valuation of the real estate assets – even an immediate financial profit!

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Assistance for project management

Clever Energies offers a comprehensive range of services to help you make the most of your savings potential:

  • Full project management,
  • Carrying out on-site energy audits, identifying areas for improvement, prioritizing deposits,
  • Customized sizing, savings calculations and budgeting for supplied-installed LED, HVAC, BMS and renewable energy solutions,
  • Impartial recommendation of products and installers,
  • Finding and obtaining CEE bonuses or third-party financing solutions
  • Presentation of a Preliminary Summary Project outlining the technical, economic, financial, environmental and operational deployment components,
  • Management of stakeholders until the final recipe
  • Post-work follow-up, optimization of the use of solutions

Specialized expertise

LED lighting)

An LED relamping project can generate an immediate financial benefit, when the savings in consumption generated are greater than the monthly payments required to finance the infrastructure.
Clever Energies works with you to ensure uniformity of design across multi-site parks throughout France and Europe, factory-audited component quality, compliance with standards, extended warranties and implementation of the lighting policy you want to ensure the comfort and safety of occupants and the enhancement of assets, in all sectors of activity.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Reducing heating consumption, recovering calories, reducing the demand on existing equipment… the energy optimization options are numerous! Clever Energies guides you with impartiality to help you achieve priority savings on your site, in accordance with regulatory obligations, and find the best options for financial support!

Technical Management of Buildings (GTB)

Monitoring consumption and controlling energy-intensive equipment remotely, with interoperable and scalable systems, is not only ingenious, but it becomes quite simply mandatory! Benefit from the expertise of Clever Energies to make this requirement an opportunity to enhance your tertiary assets – and extend these supervision capacities to the management of utilities in an industrial environment.

Renewable Energies (EnR)

Clever Energies has experience of deploying self-consumption photovoltaic power plants via its Moroccan subsidiary, in parking lot shading, on roofs, on floating supports, for clinics, agricultural estates, industrial sites and real estate development.
With its network of partners, Clever Energies allows you to realize your project, in self-financing, or via a third-party financing operator.

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Calling on Clever Energies means securing the management of your energy transition project by entrusting it to an experienced and committed team… and it is our customers who talk about it best!

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Radio-Immo interview with Laurent Dutot, co-founder of Clever Energies.

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