Technical Building Management

Innovation and independence

The regulation and control of heating, the main use of final energy consumption in the tertiary sector, is a priority in order to control and reduce energy consumption in this sector. The energy-intensive equipment in each building can be controlled remotely in order to apply your energy consumption policy to the entire company property portfolio, taking into account the real needs of the occupants and good CSR practices, avoiding drifts: this is the challenge of the systems of Technical Building Managementwhich measure, record and analyze consumption and remotely operate heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water, lighting and electrical systems such as blinds.

Clever Energies remains at the forefront of innovation and relevance by selecting, sizing and integrating tailor-made BMS solutions for commercial customers, meeting standards requirements for interoperability, IT security, scalability of functionalities, economic return on investment, and accompanying them with maintenance and data analysis services, to ensure the long-term success of Building Management Systems.

To achieve the objectives of reducing energy consumption set out by the Tertiary Decreethe BACS Decree (Building Automation and Control Systems) of July 2020, owners of heating or air-conditioning systems for buildings with a power rating of over 290 kW will be required to install a BMS defined by standard NF EN 52120-1 : 2022 by January 1, 2025. When the decree was updated on April 7, 2023, this obligation was extended on January1, 2027 to systems with an output of over 70 kW, i.e. surfaces of around 1,000 m².

Final energy consumption of the tertiary sector broken down by use, in % (2019)

7 reasons to entrust your Technical Building Management project to Clever Energies.


Prenez le contrôle à distance de vos équipements énergivores !

Opt for a BMS with the best energy performance (class A), and remotely control your energy-guzzling equipment to avoid drift. Thanks to data logging, you can regulate usage by zone, by presence in real time, by schedule and by room temperature. Your BMS is scalable, interoperable and tried and tested on numerous tertiary sites (logistics sites, offices, retail outlets, etc.).


Soyez conforme aux exigences du Décret BACS et atteignez les objectifs du Décret Tertiaire !

The BACS Decree requires you, as the owner of heating and air-conditioning systems with a capacity of over 290kW, to equip yourself by January 1, 2025 with a high-performance, interoperable BMS system, compliant with standard NF EN ISO 52120-1 : 2022. BMS is also one of the ways of achieving your energy consumption reduction targets set out in the Tertiary Sector Decree (-40% by 2030, -60% by 2050).


Maximise your savings & minimise your investment!

At least 15% savings on your utilities consumption (water, gas, electricity), and minimal outlay on BMS installation thanks to subsidies linked to Energy Savings Certificates (BAT-TH-116)!


Saisissez maintenant l’opportunité en 2023 de vous mettre en conformité et de faire des économies aux meilleures conditions du marché !

CEE premiums for the acquisition of a BMS are increased for quotations signed up to Dec. 31. 2023, and disappear on January 1, 2025. It's now in 2023 that your obligation to equip yourself with a BMS is best valued, with the best Return on Investment time!


Une GTB sécurisée, fiable comme le filaire, flexible comme le sans-fil !

Une combinaison unique de capteurs filaires et sans-fil pour piloter tous vos équipements : utilisez votre câblage existant et l’option d’un réseau IoT sécurisé local LoRaWAN pour vos équipements distants, en toute indépendance des opérateurs ! Compatible avec les DSI les plus exigeantes en matière de sécurité informatique, avec des options SAAS ou on-premise.


Get ready for expansion with a single- or multi-site BMS!

An intuitive, customizable interface makes it easy for non-specialists to manage priorities, and for administrators to have an overview of the entire property portfolio. Management by geographical area, activity, manager, etc.


Don't worry, we're here to help you, before and after commissioning!

Are you short on time and resources? Rely on the project management assistance of Clever Energies for the sizing and management of the installation of your project. Clever Energies supports you over the long term to maintain your BMS, to analyze your utility consumption and propose solutions to optimize your consumption.