Technical Building Management

Innovation and independence

The regulation and control of heating, the main use of final energy consumption in the tertiary sector, is a priority in order to control and reduce energy consumption in this sector. The energy-intensive equipment in each building can be controlled remotely in order to apply your energy consumption policy to the entire company property portfolio, taking into account the real needs of the occupants and good CSR practices, avoiding drifts: this is the challenge of the systems of Technical Building ManagementThese systems measure, record and analyze consumption, and remotely operate heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and lighting equipment, as well as electrical systems such as blinds. Clever Energies remains at the forefront of innovation and relevance by selecting, sizing and integrating tailor-made BMS solutions for tertiary companies, which meet the normative requirements of interoperability, IT security, scalability of functionalities, economic return on investment, and accompanies them with maintenance services and data analysis, in order to ensure the success of the Technical Management of the Building in the long term. To achieve the objectives of reducing energy consumption set out by the Tertiary Decreethe BACS Decree (Building Automation and Control Systems) of July 2020, which is required on July 1, On January 1, 2025, owners of heating or air conditioning systems for buildings with a capacity of more than 290 kW will be required to install a BMS as defined by the EN-15232-1:2017 standard.

Final energy consumption of the tertiary sector broken down by use, in % (2019)

5 reasons to entrust your Technical Building Management project to Clever Energies.


Maximum performance & optimal serenity.

Opt for a GTB with the best energy performance (class A), and finely control your heating, cooling, air conditioning, domestic hot water equipment, your lighting, your blinds and access and security systems; thanks to data logging, regulate usage by zone, according to presence in real time, according to schedules and ambient temperatures. Comply with the requirements of the Tertiary Decree and the BACS Decree: your BMS is scalable, interoperable and proven on many tertiary sites (bank branches, restaurants, shops, etc.)


Wired reliability & LoRaWAN wireless flexibility.

A unique combination of wired and wireless sensors to control all your equipment: use your existing wiring and the option of a LoRaWAN local secure IoT network for your remote equipment, completely independent of operators!


Single-site & multi-site management.

An intuitive and customizable interface makes it easy for non-specialists to manage priorities and for administrators to get an overview of the entire building stock. Management by geographical area, by activity, by manager, etc.


Maximum savings & minimum investment

At least 15% savings on your utility consumption (water, gas, electricity), and a minimum remaining charge on the installation of the BMS thanks to the subsidies linked to the Energy Savings Certificates.


Full support before and after installation

Are you short on time and resources? Rely on the project management assistance of Clever Energies for the sizing and management of the installation of your project. Clever Energies supports you over time to maintain your BMS, to analyze your utility consumption and to propose solutions to optimize your consumption.