How we designed our site

The pollution linked to the digital economy remains invisible to most of us and yet digital technology emits 4% of greenhouse gases in the world, more than civil air transport. (Source: ADEME)

At Clever Energies, we really want to go even further in our efforts to achieve a lower energy impact.

That’s why we’ve decided to redesign our entire website, making it considerably less energy-intensive than its predecessor. And to achieve a high-performance result, we have :
– Significantly reduced the number of pages and their content has been optimized.
– Completely reviewed the ergonomics as well as its colorimetry in its entirety.
– Prioritized the real needs of eco-design in construction rather than our wishes and/or our desires.
– Replaced images with non-dynamic visual inputs and compression of the remaining ones.
– Programmed the few videos present so that they no longer launch automatically.

Farewell to the full-screen video on the homepage and welcome to well-thought-out ecological ergonomics!