LED lighting

Innovation and independence

Technological obsolescence of fluorescent tubes, quality and durability of LED components audited in the factory, evolution of recommendations for lighting standards, obligations of the labor code, consideration of photobiological safety requirements and user comfort, conformity of luminaires in ATEX zone, intelligent management of presence detection, market and technology watch, etc.

Entrust the selection and commissioning of its lighting infrastructure to Clever Energies is to rely on a team of passionate experts. We have a team of experts who are committed to making your indoor and outdoor lighting policy a reality, with the most appropriate solutions and participants for each use, whether in the service sector or in industry, and who will support you over the long term.

6 truths to share

“Reducing the modernization of lighting installations, ie approximately 20% of its electricity consumption, is proving to be one of the most profitable operations, in the very short term, and in the long term. »

Philippe Pelletier, President of the Sustainable Building Plan – ADEME, July 2020







5 reasons to entrust your lighting project to Clever Energies


In-depth technical studies to advise you independently

Clever Energies audit software, DIALux studies on site as close as possible to your uses, for tailor-made recommendations


Solutions selected on reliability, performance, ergonomics, for a completely transparent choice

Documented audit of LED manufacturing plants
Control of laboratory performance and compliance with a quality charter


Modular and innovative lighting management, to simply apply your CSR policy

Centralization of rules, IoT, modification of settings by remote control or autonomy: Your desired luminosity guaranteed at all points!


Proven mastery of technologies, best practices and stakeholders in industry, the service sector and communities

Less than 0.5% after-sales service on projects managed by Clever Energies.


Common sense commitments for the planet and for all of us

Priority to eco-responsible players and maintainable and repairable LED luminaires
Intelligent use of natural light
Control of the recycling process