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Lighting renovation of the Verescence plant in Mers Les Bains

Completed actions
by Clever Energies

✔︎ Audits of savings sources

✔︎ Technical studies

✔︎ Recommendations for energy saving solutions

✔︎ Economic and energy studies

✔︎ Consultant installers

✔︎ Site monitoring

4,000 equipment installed on 1 site.
4,821,642 kWh saved per year.
433,950 kg of Co2 not released into the atmosphere.
Following our ISO5001 certification in 2019, VERESCENCE has chosen to launch several energy saving actions. We have selected CLEVER ENERGIES to help us in the ambitious project of replacing the current energy-intensive lights with LED technology. Not only were we replacing a large number of light points in extremely different conditions (high temperatures, storage areas, offices, outdoors) but we wanted to take advantage of this project to bring ourselves into compliance on different themes. This project is the positive result of a multidisciplinary working group comprising: Management, Financial, Engineering, and Technical. A big thank you to the whole team.
Olivier Chombart, Technical Director
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