Light is life, in LED…!

  • My creations of Light Architect, in France, and in the World, for 40 years ,
  • My book Light is life, devoted to the magic of light,
  • My commitment as Artistic Director in favor of Clever Energies leads me, quite naturally, to be a passionate ambassador in the service of innovative proposals, and carriers of major interests, in the management of light, currently.

The replacement of lighting sources, used until now by LEDs, an exceptional technology, makes it possible to guide public and private project owners towards perfectly controlled and economical management.
The positioning of Clever Energies is exactly at this positive crossroads, between intelligent ideas and accomplished actions.

Alain Delgado, President, Laurent Dutot, Anthony Breton, General Managers and the entire Clever Energies Team are now recognized as leaders in this new and important profession, due to their search for excellence, authenticity and commitment. held .
Moreover, beyond these technical, functional and economic aspects, LEDs provide another universe, another sky of light.

The inclusion of LED sources in architecture and heritage, the possibility of trichromy, electronic control allow the creation of light tables, multiple scenarios, a real scenography.

Lighting thus becomes light, a source of comfort, happiness, savings and Life…

Light is life, in LEDs…

Alain Guilhot
Light Architect
Artistic director

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