What does the BACS decree provide? Who is concerned ? What obligations?

Accelerate energy renovation thanks to the Technical Management of Buildings (GTB) with the “BACS” decree

What is a building automation and control system?

A building automation and control system requires the installation of products and software that ensure the monitoring and management of the building’s consumption and equipment.
They allow to:
Centralize , record and analyze the building’s energy consumption data and adjust it according to the needs of the occupants, the activity or the weather.
Collaborate , communicate with building equipment (air conditioning, ventilation, heating, etc.) to control them remotely.
To situate the energy efficiency of the building in relation to reference values. This makes it possible to identify sources of energy saving , to detect malfunctions and to alert the persons concerned . The installation of a building automation and control system makes it possible to obtain significant results and immediate gains in the energy performance of the building with a short return on investment time.

Who is concerned by the BACS decree?

  • Any owner of an air conditioning or heating system with a nominal power greater than 290 kW
  • Combined or not with a ventilation system
  • New or existing tertiary building
  • Owners and potential tenants, depending on the ownership of the facility in question

An exemption is nevertheless provided for in this decree. The owner must present a study demonstrating that the installation of such a system, or its connection with a technical system, is not feasible with a return on investment time of less than six years , after deduction of public financial aid.

What are the issues ?

It is essential for each owner of a building’s heating or air conditioning system to think about their needs, also considering their long-term changes as well as the state of obsolescence of the building’s technical equipment. The automation and control system is part of the more global challenge of technical building management (GTB) , a digital tool that centralizes building management in all its aspects (lighting, blinds, security systems, etc.). .).
An efficient BMS designed according to needs is a real strength for the energy management of buildings, and can allow you to achieve significant energy savings . For example, for a building from the 1970s, a BMS implementation program can bring up to 30% energy savings . The return on investment will therefore be 3 to 5 years, depending on the exact cost of the equipment and its installation.

Clever Energies support you through all the stages of setting up an automation and control system for your building.
The first step is an energy audit by carrying out an inventory of your installations and defining your needs. Then, a budget proposal will be made available to you thanks to the evaluation of savings as well as work based on technical feasibility studies. After consultation with suppliers and installers and also a signature of the estimate, an optional financing proposal will be submitted to you if the situation allows it. The deployment of the solutions then happens through the commissioning of the equipment and the management of the works. Finally, the reception of the project thanks to the validation of the works but also with a report and projections on the whole of the customer perimeter, we finalize the site.

We bring you our experience, support your teams, and carry out the follow-up.
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