Nobel Prize for sustainable development: lawyer Arash Derambarsh rewarded!

Arash Derambarsh, lawyer at the Paris bar behind the law against food waste in 2016, will be awarded the Win Win prize, the equivalent of the Nobel for sustainable development.

It is a French lawyer who will win the “Nobel” for sustainable development. The prestigious “Win Win”, will indeed be awarded to him on Thursday, October 31, by the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Registered at the Paris bar, Arash Derambarsh will be rewarded for ” his constant work and his unfailing commitment to the food cause “.

This is the first time that a Frenchman will receive the prize, which is the equivalent of the Nobel for sustainable development, announces Le Figaro . Leading international personalities have received it in the past: the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan in 2011, the former Vice-President of the United States Al-Gore in 2007 or the Mayor of Seoul, Park Wan-soon, in 2016.

Arash Derambarsh, who was sworn in at the Paris Court of Appeal in 2018, initiated the law passed in 2016 against food waste, a success that has inspired other countries around the world. The lawyer at the Paris bar, elected in Courbevoie, is also at the origin of two major petitions, one French with more than 200,000 signatures, the other European with more than 1.6 million supporters. It now aims to transpose the law at European level.

This law makes it possible to distribute more than 10 million meals each year to associations and to increase food donations by 22% in France.

The lawyer was ranked in 2016 among the 100 most influential people in the world in the ranking of the American magazine Foreign Policy . He has also just entered the Who’s Who, the directory of French personalities.

Credit: RTL
Photo credit: The official blog of Arash Derambarsh