It is the commitment to achieve measured performance in reducing energy consumption between two parties: a company providing services in the field of energy efficiency and an energy-consuming company/community. The means and objectives are defined in this contractual framework.

This contract usually uses third-party investment. It is the service company that finances the investments and reimburses itself for the savings generated.

Beforehand, a complete diagnosis of energy consumption must be carried out in order to create a basis for evaluating the savings to be achieved. The targeted performance is defined according to the potential for savings, the maximum return time desired per investment, or another indicator. It adapts to the activity of the energy consumer and therefore to its consumption.
Monitoring should be put in place to raise the performance of the solutions put in place. The more this will be capillarized in the building, the more the actions undertaken can be analyzed to optimize the results.

The work in question can take different forms:

  • Equipment management
  • Replacement of energy-intensive solutions with less consuming technology (example: LED lighting)
  • Building improvement works: insulation, management of openings, etc.
  • Better maintenance
  • Optimization of business processes

The advantages of a CPE are multiple:

  • Implementation of an action plan with measured performances
  • A contractual commitment equivalent to a guarantee of results
  • The use of third-party investment: no cash outflow
  • Acceleration of the company’s energy consumption reduction plan

The CPE is perceived as expensive due to the package of associated services, but it is the consideration for the guarantees granted that justifies it. The other point perceived as negative is the intrusive part of the energy monitoring (site consumption measurements) for which the service provider must have full access to check the performance of the solutions.

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the Caisse des Dépôts sheet on the Energy Performance Contract: Banque des Territoires or simply by contacting us!